Louvre windows from Safetyline Jalousie were specified for a seven-storeyed apartment complex in Rosebery, NSW by the builder, Lone Star Constructions.

The architectural plan for the multi-residential Rosebery Apartments included a glass and timber section across all seven storeys, designed to provide 75 per cent ventilation using fixed windows through the foyer area of each floor. Since the plans did not mention any particular brand or solution, Lone Star had to research and source products to meet the criteria specified by the Council through the DA process.

Following extensive research, Lone Star invited Safetyline Jalousie’s NSW Business Manager to meet with the construction team on site with a louvre window sample. Safetyline Jalousie collaborated with the client and certifier to come up with the perfect solution, aligned with both brief and budget.

Safetyline Jalousie louvre windows were found suitable for this project because they were compliant with balustrade codes. Lone Star was also particularly impressed with Safetyline Jalousie’s timelines as they were able to fabricate and deliver the windows within the given timeframes.

Safetyline Jalousie supplied 76 fixed louvre windows, each measuring 2629mm (19 blades) in height and 1387mm in width, in a clear anodised finish, and featuring 6mm clear toughened glass louvres.