The Safetyline Jalousie fly screen frames are weatherproof and soundproof, and have a number of features which make them an economical, practical and reliable choice for louvres. Only the highest grade materials have been used in the manufacturing process, along with state of the art technology and more than 20 years industry experience. Fly screen frames have an operable glazed storm winder, three options for installation of the fixed frame, and accommodats front frame fly screens.

The fixed frames come in 63 millimetre square cut sections and can be assembled with stainless steel screws and screw sockets. Fastening is simple with a clip-in section and the outside architrave clips directly into the grooves on the fixed frame. Fly screen frames for louvres have a water drainage system via the bottom transom and  the fixed frame has been weatherproofed by EPDM or polyethylene.

The louvres suitable for fly screen frames installation are made from curved aluminium or glass and fitted with nylon end caps. The louvres opening system operates by pin fitted rods, lever handles and knobs which allows for symmetric and simultaneous opening of louvres to 80 degrees. A spring loaded compensator has been installed for easy operation.