The window louvres from Safetyline Jalousie  are a stylish and functional window system also designed with an in-built security system for safety and security.

These window louvres are the safest solution for families with young children as they can be left open without fear of children falling through the window or getting stuck between the louvres.

With the manufacturing option of glass, aluminium or a combination of both, maximum privacy can be achieved whilst maintaining ventilation. Additonally, energy efficient climate control is easy with these louvre windows, thanks to fitted weather proof seals designed to maximise the use of heating/cooling inside the home.

Safetyline Jalousie window louvres pivot from the top rather than the centre so all pests can be kept out using fitted internal insect screens.

Key features and benefits of the Safetyline Jalousie window louvres include:

  • Fully remote controlled
  • Fitted with an automated system that includes rain, wind and pinch sensors
  • Cooling breezes can be maximised through cross-ventilation
  • In-built security system
  • Suitable for ground level window applications