Safetyline Jalousie has launched their first CPD Tutorial on ‘The Benefits of using High Performance Windows within the NCC 2019 Framework’.

The NCC 2019 proposes a number of changes to increase the stringency and energy efficiency provisions for commercial buildings (Volume 1). The overarching performance requirement includes a quantified level of performance for buildings with a conditioned space. This tutorial will provide an overview of the new verification methods and the improvements to existing ones plus the primary modification in the Section J assessment – the building fabric and glazing. The new glazing provisions look at a variety of measures to improve energy efficiency and highlight the benefits of using high performance windows within the NCC Framework.

Learning outcomes:

On completion, attendees will be able to: Identify the new proposed NCC 2019 performance requirement adjustments and improvements; List the elements and requirements of a Section J report; Explain the two different methods of obtaining compliance; Describe the Deemed to Satisfy solution and useful considerations; Describe the JV3 Verification method; and, Identify the important elements that make up a high performance window.

CPD points: 1 formal CPD point

Bookings for onsite presentations, events and workshops can be made through Inhouse Group3.