Safetyline Jalousie can supply motorised louvre control systems for installation with its complete range of louvres and blinds.

For easy maintenance, motors are mounted externally on louvre frames, and can be connected to external control systems by a third party specialist where required.

Two motor options are currently available as louvre control systems from Safetyline Jalousie, the LDF 100 and LA 12.

LDF 100 louvre drives have been specially designed to allow for the infinitely variable electrical control of louvres, with all drive functions and characteristics individually programmable with supplied software.

These drives are also equipped with additional passive and active anti-pitch functions, and can be used for smoke ventilation.

Housed in stainless steel, LDF 100 drives are fire resistant, and can operate with up to 800N force.

LA 12 louvre drives are suited for applications that require louvre control systems capable of only small movements.

Featuring a small profile and solid performance characteristics, these drives provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional pneumatic control systems.

They are provided in a high strength plastic housing, and can handle push thrusts between 300 and 750N.