The challenges of high density living were the key drivers behind the decision to integrate Safetyline Jalousie louvres into the design of a new multi-storeyed residential apartment project in Sydney.

Located on Berry Street in North Sydney, Polaris Apartments is an impressive 24-storey development that stands out on the city’s skyline. Combining luxurious style and architectural beauty, the unique design by Allen Jack and Cottier Architects has factored in several technical challenges associated with the site – particularly, the need to provide maximum sunlight to the building and its neighbours in an already heavily built up area.

High density living as experienced in most urban environments creates greater pressure for clever design. Despite the limitations imposed by the surrounding environment, living areas are required to have ample natural light and ventilation while the tall buildings produce a whole new array of safety and performance demands.

All of these factors were critical in the decision to incorporate Safetyline Jalousie louvres in the design of Polaris, with the product addressing the aesthetic requirements as well as safety and functional challenges.

Being balustrade compliant and offering floor to ceiling capabilities and spans of 1.4 metres wide, Safetyline Jalousie louvres were able to deliver plenty of natural light to the main corridors and complement the overall glazing and its crystalline theme. Beyond the aesthetics, the louvres also functioned as a smoke relief solution in compliance with Australian Standards as they were fitted with fire rated drives. In the event of a fire, smoke sensors will trigger the louvres to open and naturally evacuate smoke from the building, enabling residents to have better visibility to access the fire stairs as well as lower the risk of smoke inhalation.

Builder Parkview Constructions had successfully used Safetyline Jalousie louvre windows in previous projects, and was confident about using them again. In addition to aesthetics and smoke protection, these louvres also stood out for their performance, which was an essential requirement in high rise towers.

Some of the advantages of Safetyline Jalousie louvre windows include best in class ratings of 800Pa water penetration and wind ratings of 9500 ULS/ 4000 SLS; ability to provide up to 87 per cent free air, making them the perfect ventilation solution for tall buildings; louvre blades made from laminate glass will not break into little pieces when damaged, increasing safety in high rise towers; and strength testing to 550kg of force, helping meet all safety and security factors required in tall and super tall structures.