Louvre windows from Safetyline Jalousie were installed at a luxurious retirement living development in Sydney, NSW to provide natural ventilation as well as security to the residents.

Health and safety are two important design goals during the development of aged care facilities. The Royce is a luxurious development, which forms part of the Penrith Panthers master plan in western Sydney and offers a new standard in retirement living with 145 independent living units and a 126-bed aged care facility.

Designed by Sydney-based architects Calderflower, The Royce features Safetyline Jalousie louvre windows to provide natural ventilation to residents. Having successfully worked with Safetyline Jalousie on previous projects, Calderflower was confident that Safetyline’s louvre windows offered a ventilation solution that would assist in reducing the reliance on mechanical forms of ventilation as well as ensure the health and wellbeing of residents.

Calderflower specified a total of 260 louvre windows throughout the project, with most of the units installed floor-to-ceiling on the extra-large balconies of the independent living units to provide ample light and ventilation as well as an indoor-outdoor feel. These louvre windows were also installed in the common dining and living areas.

Natural ventilation not only promotes passive cooling but also prevents carbon dioxide build-up and removes airborne contaminants from the building. Preventing the spread of infection is particularly important in aged care facilities so the window choice and placement were carefully planned to ensure adequate ventilation and humidity controls.

With louvre windows, residents also have greater control over their environment, unlike sealed buildings that maintain constant temperatures. The ease of operation using a simple lever mechanism allows occupants to adjust their openings and control the amount of airflow, providing them both thermal comfort and a greater level of satisfaction.

In addition to the health benefits associated with natural ventilation, the safety features offered by Safetyline Jalousie exceeded those of other window options. The system’s unique impenetrable security system allows the windows to be kept open at any time, day or night, with complete peace of mind.

Safetyline Jalousie windows also eliminate the risk of falls through the louvres or injury from exposed glass edges. Each blade is framed on three sides and pivots from the back edge with openings of just 106mm between each blade.

When choosing windows or louvres for the ground floor or higher, specifiers can be confident that Safetyline Jalousie will meet all of their performance, health, security and safety objectives for aged care facilities.

Each louvre window installed at The Royce measured 1754mm H x 800mm W, and featured Citi Pearl Matt YY245A powdercoat colour, 6mm Clear Toughened glass louvres and standard lever operation.