The Rubber cable protectors (RCPs), available from Safety Stride , can reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace by concealing and protecting leads and cables.

Safety Stride offer cable protectors for a number of applications including residential, commercial and industrial, which makes them ideal for offices, IT, construction, event, mining and hire industries.

For residential and general commercial applications, Safety Stride recommend the RCP Type N (compact and durable for covering data cables and power leads), and RCP Type NN (ideal choice when combining and grouping multiple power and data cables).

For industrial applications, Safety Stride recommend RCP Type F (accepts 1 x 3-phase cable, compressed air lines, copper water hosing, etc), and RCP Type FF (accepts 2 x 3-phase cables, compressed air lines, copper water hosing, etc).

Both RCP Type F and RCP Type FF models can withstand continual vehicular traffic (cars, trucks, forklifts, buses, etc), and offer an optional hazard tape for maximum visibility.

All of Safety Stride’s rubber cable protectors are:

  • 100% Australian-made
  • Made from premium grade EPDM rubber for a long service life
  • Have tapered edges and non-slip bases, which further enhances their safety

Safety Stride also offer custom-made services for new applications, government and OEM requirements. Also available from Safety Stride are cable matting, cable covers and aluminium cable protectors.