When the Perth Mint ran into the common materials handling dilemma of how to load goods onto a scissor lift when forklift availability is limited, it was the Safetech LoLift low profile scissor lift range that provided the perfect solution.

With a 1T or 2T capacity, the Safetech LoLift low profile scissor lift allows users to roll goods onto the scissor lift platform and then elevate them to a safe working height.

The low height of the Safetech LoLift low profile scissor lift, the clear access, and the built in safety features were all critical in its selection by the Perth Mint. Thanks to the low profile of the LoLift scissor lift the Mint now has easy roll on/roll off access to a lift table and has eliminated the risks of loading or unloading goods manually.

Successfully used in a wide variety of applications, there are many benefits to having a Safetech LoLift low profile scissor lift available, including:

  • no pit required
  • ergonomic lifting risk eliminated
  • can be customised
  • efficiency maintained with the ease and speed of transition
  • durable construction withstands the wear and tear of heavy trolleys.
The key features of LoLift low profile scissor lifts include:
  • 1T and 2T capacities available
  • 40mm (1T) to 50mm (2T) height platform
  • reach over only 9.5cm's allowing easy operator access to load from sides
  • wall mount control as standard with optional pendant or foot controls
  • 2T model available with man barrier and roller blind
  • safety bars or skirts to protect operator
  • photo eye protection across entrance
  • roll through capability
  • wheeled entry from one side and exit the opposite side.
Safetech LoLift low profile scissor lifts also feature Smartlift - a control and safety system unique to Safetech that provides an electronic diagnostic system with automatic down indexing and enhanced safety features.