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    Pallet Inverters from Safetech Pty. Ltd.


    Pallet Inverters from Safetech Pty. Ltd. come with a number of practical and safety options. Workers need to be protected from contact with these pallet inverters when they are in operation so safety fencing is essential. Using interlock electronic photo eyes or light curtains also adds extra security to workplaces. Forklift bump edges and the use of a remote control to reduce the need for the operator to leave their seat are also options.

    Safetech pallet inverters work by means of a fixed base frame and a rotating frame which incorporates the clamp mechanism. This clamp is hydraulically actuated whist rotation is occurring through the large precision bearing and torque boosted electric drive motor. These inverters are controlled by a touch pad and the operator needs only to press one button to initiate one full cycle.

    These devices allow for timber pallets, used in the food manufacturing industry, to be swapped for clean room standard in house plastic or steel pallets. They can also be used in automated storage and retrieval systems when defective pallet loads need to be exchanged and for pallet loads that need straightening up.

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