The new MiLock range, available from Safeport Security Solutions , features a variety of reader technologies based around a single lock chassis. The small form factor lock has a neat and stylish design contrast to the average hotel electronic lock.

Milock 8-3 is a fully featured hotel locking system for up to 10,000 rooms. This locking system uses Philips Mifare proximity technology to gain access to guest room doors and common areas. Old-fashioned magnetic stripe card systems have numerous problems with data loss, which does not affect Mifare key cards and key fobs.

MiLock 5-3 is ideal for smaller properties, rental apartments, homes and offices. The lock is programmed directly, so there is need for encoders or software. Users can be enrolled and deleted in seconds by the lock administrator.

Both systems are fire-rated to Australian standards and can retrofit easily into a tubular latch or Australian mortise door cut out. MiLock 7-3 offers a digital keypad and MiLock 9-3 has a fast, effective fingerprint reader. Both these locks are ideal for hotel back-of-house, office and other commercial applications.