The new Australian-designed portable ladder bracket, from Safemaster Height Safety Solutions has been developed to prevent falls, where ladders slip because of over-reaching.

The portable ladder bracket features a support bar that increases the effective width of any ladder to more than 800mm at roof level. Extra safety is provided by large rubber stop grips at both ends of the support bar to eliminate slippage on roofing, guttering, fascia or overhangs on buildings and structures undergoing construction or maintenance.

The large stand-off brackets also work to effectively prevent damage to gutters, roofing iron and tiles, cladding and fascias. The feature also provides a strong and secure position for exit and entry onto the roof, which is also a high risk activity.

Ruggedly designed for home and workplace use, Laddermate ladder bracket is constructed from lightweight cast and extruded aluminium sections, with a total weight of only 2.6kg. The simple and user-friendly design is easy and quick to install onto ladders.