A locally designed walk-in bathtub is letting baby boomers and the disabled rediscover the enjoyment of having a bath without the risk of injury.

“Each year 22,000 Australians are injured in accidents associated with bathing,” Safe Bath Australasia director, Adam Deeby, said.

“The risk of injury is enough to stop even healthy people enjoying a bath and for the frail or disabled it’s been out of the question.”

Adam Deeby resolved the issue by establishing Safe Bath Australasia three years ago and importing a range of Canadian designed innovative walk-in baths.

Now he has introduced his own designs developed to suit Australian conditions and to incorporate the feedback he has received from customers including homeowners and age care facility operators.

“These walk-in bathtubs are an important aid for the elderly or infirm, but they can also be used by any child or adult without mobility worries,” Adam Deeby said.

“There’s no need to step over the side of a bathtub and there’s little physical effort required to use and enjoy the bath even with limited ambulatory ability.”

Cascade DEL-002 is compact enough to fit through most doorways and can be easily installed in existing shower spaces or any room in the home with access to hot and cold water taps and a floor drain.

The Cascade DEL-002’s width of 675mm, length of 1347mm and height of 951mm make it portable enough for the unit to be removed and reinstalled elsewhere when the householder moves.

Made out of rugged marine-grade fibreglass, the Cascade DEL-002 can be plumbed in just like a washing machine and is ready to use in just a couple of hours.

The Cascade DEL-002’s walk-in door incorporates a medical-grade silicon seal for watertightness.

Features of the Cascade DEL-002walk-in bathtub include a seat and back moulded to provide maximum support while the user sits in water up to chest deep.

The design of the Cascade DEL-002 and other walk-in baths in the range means they use less water than a conventional bath tub.

Built to Australian plumbing and electrical standards, the DEL-002 unit incorporates a spa function which uses 16 air jet and six water jet outlets to provide stimulation without high pressure points.

A 1500 watt heater and pump unit allows users to make the most of the therapeutic bathing experience without getting cold.

A hand-held shower unit, scald-guard taps and a tempering unit provide further advantages.

All pipes for the whirlpool function drain when the bath is drained to maximise hygiene.

For those who do not require the spa function the Cascade STD-001 version is available at a cost around half that of conventional safety bath designs.