Safe Bath Australasia  has introduced a versatile walk-in bath that allows the user to step directly into a bath instead of stepping over a high rim.
Designed for easy installation as well as safety, the stylish Banksia Del-1500 facilitates full lay-down bathing with back support while options such as air spa and 1900mm shower screen cater for showering in the same compact space measuring 1502mm L x 750mm W x 560mm H.
Featuring an internationally proven palm-actuated easy open door, the Banksia bath comes fully plumbed for easy installation in houses or apartments complete with hand shower, waterfall taps, water mixer and waste water drain.
Safe Bath Australia Managing Director Adam Deeby explains that the unique design allows use by a full spectrum of people, ranging from those who prefer a stand-up shower to the large number of people who prefer a bath, including many older people, people with disability and children.
The safety aspect is well addressed by the Banksia’s design, without compromising on style. The design recognises that there are several people who would appreciate having their life made a little easier and safer, while also satisfying their good taste and sense of style.
The Banksia Del-1500 walk in baths complement Safe-Bath’s Grand Deluxe 1700mm baths with easy-access door openings to the left or right, a traditional reclined bathing experience with non-slip seat and contoured back support, as well as safety-oriented stand-up showering.
Both baths save money for the homeowner by being adaptable to a wide variety of spaces and easily installed without major preparatory work, because they are delivered fully plumbed.
The Banksia DEL 1500 Spa features 14 air jets fed by a 1hp 1500w heated pump. All pipes for the whirlpool drain when the tub is drained, improving sanitation.

Banksia and Grand Deluxe baths are part of the broader Safe Bath range of products distributed throughout Australia. All Safe Bath products meet high Australian standards as stipulated under quality scheme certification No. N 24261. The shower head and plumbing meet required Australian Standards.