Ryemetal  offers pressure control valves, tempering valves, thermostatic valves, recycled water, tap restoration, water conservation, and water hammer.

Ryemetal has developed a range of recycled water products to increase the use of gray water. The Hdroseal range includes Hydroseal Tap valves for sealing dripping taps, Hydroseal Refacing Tools for solving persistent dripping taps, Hydroseal Bonnet Cleaners for freeing tight taps, and Hydroseal Thread Lubricants for easier turning tap handles.

The TempShield tempering valve device is used for limiting outlet temperature of hot water systems. The tempering valves are available in two sizes such as 15mm & 20mm size. Installation of TempShield is through copper olive connections without any soldering and extra fittings. The TempShield valve can be mounted at any angle, both at the water heater or the remote in the system.
Ryemetal Thermostatic valves connects to standard 15mm inlet pipes. Built in non-return valves offers protection against cross connection and used anti-failed scold system. The valves are accurate to set temperatures with easy grip handles.

Rye metal water conservation products include Flow control discs, Inline Water Flow Controllers, and Water saving aerators designed to reduce water flow without affecting pressure. Ryemetal also offers the Sioux range of water hammer arresters.