Available now from Zinsser Asia Pacific , Smart Prime is an interior/exterior primer offering the performance of an oil-base primer in a water-base formula.

Developed for both professional and commercial applications, Smart Prime water based primer combines stain blocking power with quick dry convenience, flow and leveling, and optimal adhesion to glossy surfaces.

Smart Prime water based primer is formulated with a proprietary resin system that resists rewetting to block stains from water and other water-soluble stains, such as an oil-base primer.

Smart Prime water based primer seals all oil-soluble stains, including asphalt, crayon, grease, and tar, so projects can be carried out with just one primer. This product also sticks to all surfaces, even dense, glossy surfaces such as ceramic tile, enamel paints and varnishes, laminates, and paneling without sanding or deglossing.

Ideal for application on bare or painted surfaces, such as aluminium, drywall, galvanised metal, PVC, steel, and vinyl, Smart Prime water based primer also blocks tannin bleed, making it great for priming Cedar, Redwood, and other new wood.

Smart Prime water based primer also offers a fast dry time, exterior flexibility and can be cleaned with soap and water.

This product is available in a 100% recycled and recyclable plastic can in 3.75L, 1L, and 19L sizes.