Zinsser Asia Pacific  is involved in the manufacturing of water proofing primers and paints. Products of Zinnser Asia Pacific are categorised under primer sealers, wall covering and surface preparation, clear finishes and specialty mildew.

Following are the primer sealer products offered by Zinsser Asia Pacific; BIN which is fire, smoke and stain proof, Bulls Eye 123 and Bulls Eye 123 Deep Tint having with flexible acrylic formula, blister resistance, low odour, adhesion to glossy surface.

Cover stains is an oil based primer for spot priming stains. Covers up is another product offering a flat white finish ideal for acoustical and white ceilings, while peel stop strengthens chalky surface and promotes adhesion of old coatings.

Products under wall covering category include DIF, a wall paper removing solution. Paper tiger on the other hand is a scoring tool for removal of wallpaper. Paper scraper removes wall paper without damaging the walls. It can also be used for smoothing walls. Shieldz is a pre wall covering primer which prevents seam separation, bubbles and curling edges.

Bulls eye shellac for antiques, floors and quick 15 for use on woods, cabinets are the clear finishes available in Zinsser Asia Pacific while Perma white mildew proof house and trim paint, bathroom paint and water proofing come under the Mildew specialty products. Ready patch spackling paste is available under specialty products from Zinsser Asia Pacific.

Clean IT pre painting cleaner is the new product launched which is meant as a pre coat before painting for glossy surfaces like glass, tiles.