Rug Addiction  is a leading manufacturer of rugs that can be used with any decor. Based in Australia, Rug Addiction has a wide distributor network throughout the country and offers a range of products to suit the tastes of different customers. In addition to modern and classic rugs, Rug Addiction also provides hall runners in various designs and colours.

They come in standard sizes and are available as Accolade, Spectrum and Elegante models with acrylic handmade designs and patterns. Rug Addiction also provides free consulting service through its in house interior designer who can guide the customers on the best type of rug for their requirements and also offer expert advice on maintenance issues.

Rug Addiction offers customised solutions for all types of rug maintenance and care. All types of rugs like hand-knotted, tufted, hooked, bamboo, jute and sisal are inclusive in this. Stain and damage cleaning solutions for flood damage, spills and stains are also provided by Rug Addiction.

Rug Addiction also recommends special measures for stain specific cleaning treatment and the type of equipment to be used in such measures. Various exchange offer schemes that benefit the customer are also offered by Rug Addiction.