Erlau, a member of the RUD group , has been established for many years in Germany and is known for high-quality outdoor furniture.

Erlau’s expertise lies primarily in utilising wire mesh and steel furniture for tough outdoor environments where durability and style are essential components.

German furniture production began at Erlau, exactly 50 years ago, with a garden chair made of wire. Initially it was only used locally before its appeal began to spread.

Inspired by American furniture designers Ray and Charles Eames, and the renowned metal sculptor, Harry Bertoia, Erlau demonstrated, in 1957, a modern design orientation, which the company continues even today.

After a rather modest start, Erlau now produces a large and stylish collection of furniture for outdoor use. The Erlau range consists of simple wire mesh benches to complete seating systems for different outdoor applications.

A milestone in the further technical development of the Erlau range was the selection of the Erlau Olympia range for the 1972 Olympic Park in Munich.

Olympia was a flexible and functional system and it was recently revised to develop a more contemporary, modern version which was relaunched as Olympic Nova.

Consequently, Erlau’s versatile outdoor furniture product range is specified by a diverse range of clients such as the German and Austrian railways; many urban public transportation companies; as well as international urban designers and landscape architects to realise their design intent for several contemporary renovation or new construction projects.