RS Components  has announced the addition to its extensive product range of the new TDS3000C series of oscilloscopes from Tektronix.

The TDS3000C series of products now incorporates USB connectivity, replacing older models, which used a floppy disk drive.

These high performance Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes (DPO), have bandwidths that range from 100MHz to 500MHz, with up to 5 GS/s sample rates for accurate signal representation.

These DPOs give a greater level of insight into complex signals and problem solving by combining the 3,600wfms/s continuous waveform capture rate and real-time intensity grading.

These help to save time by quickly highlighting the nature of faults and the history of a signal’s activity, so that advanced triggers can be applied to isolate them. It has simple navigation to ensure that time is spent effectively on the task in hand.

Unlike other comparable oscilloscopes, the history remains even after the acquisition is stopped. One of its ideal features is to use digital real-time (DRT) sampling technology and sin(x)/x interpolation to allow accurate characterisation of a wide range of signal types simultaneously on all channels.

The TDS3000C series of oscilloscopes has no change in sampling rate when additional channels are switched on, making it possible to capture high-frequency information such as glitches and edge anomalies.