By co-locating the Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA) convention with Designbuild, the largest exhibition of building materials and services held in Australia, the RAIA are claiming to have initiated the newest building and design industry event.

“A comprehensive review of our last three conventions, together with feedback from members and a close look at overseas conventions, led us to the conclusion that the most successful conventions all had a major exhibition as a component,” says Michael Peck, CEO of the RAIA.

According to Peck, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) convention this year has an exhibition of over 600 stands associated with the event and expect to have more than 15,000 delegates in attendance.

“It is quite clear that one of the major factors affecting decisions on whether to attend conventions or exhibitions is the amount of time it takes away from the architectural practice,” he says. “More than ever, time is is money and the decision to co-locate these two major events will address this critical fact.”

The RAIA is also interested in seeing a wider range of cultural activities develop around this new event, says Peck. “One of the other models we looked at were the great Milan trade fairs, where a number of activities occur around the city during the event that involve the wider community,” he notes.

Peck says that in this inaugural year, when the RAIA convention will be run alongside Designbuild, there will be a number of tours of significant architecture in Melbourne that will be accessible to members of the public.

Source: Building Products News.