Swing gates from Rotech Group Pty Ltd were selected for installation at the Puzzling World, a popular amusement park in New Zealand. Puzzling World chose the high quality swing gates for their fast opening speed and cushion safety.

Puzzling World is a unique attraction that has been entertaining visitors of all ages for over 40 years with their intriguing and unconventional puzzle centre, illusion rooms, 3D maze and more. Attracting over 180,000 visitors each year, the amusement park sought an access control solution that offered safety and ease of use while controlling the movement of visitors and ensuring security.

The Sentinel F90 swing gate from Rotech was selected for this particular application as it has cushion soft safety and an anti-bump feature. In the event of any resistance during operation, the gate stops for a pre-set time period. This safety feature is particularly relevant since a majority of the visitors are little children; as the swing gate is easily stopped even by children, disabled, and elderly people, the risk of gate accidents is eliminated.

The fast opening speed of 1.5 seconds of the F90 is definitely an advantage, considering the high number of footfalls at the amusement park, especially during vacations. The PLC controls enable easy connection to any access control system, ensuring optimum security.

Two F90 swing gates have been placed at the entrance of the 7-acre amusement park and integrated with a barcode reader. The entrance tickets purchased by the visitors include a specific barcode, which would be read by the barcode reader when swiped, and approved before the swing gates are unlocked to provide access into the park.

One swing gate has also been placed at the exit of the amusement park and is operated by an infrared beam across the walkway, which is broken once people walk past to automatically open the gate and allow free exit.

During an emergency or power failure, these gates will freewheel allowing rapid exit for everyone inside. Featuring a stainless steel construction, Rotech’s F90 swing gates are extremely strong and durable, providing the perfect solution for pedestrian and wheelchair access, complete with high safety and security, and minimal maintenance costs.