For most of us building a new house is an exciting and wonderful venture – one we spend many hours dreaming about. Unfortunately, it is easy to fall into a trap of making mistakes that can turn the process into a nightmare. Making these errors can be inconvenient, stressful and costly. Here are five common pitfalls to avoid when building your dream home.

1. Not Planning Properly 

There are a few aspects to consider before any of the actual building can start. It is important to take time to evaluate what needs new house has to fulfil. What is your current lifestyle? What are you planning for the future? An extra car or perhaps a home office? All of this should be taken into consideration when you plan your new home.

You should also plan your budget carefully. Know what you can afford and plan how you will be financing your dream house. It is important to secure financing before the project starts.
Once you have worked this out you will have a solid guide to aid you and your builders; this will give a clear idea of what your requirements are as well as the budget in which you can accomplish it.

2. Doing it yourself

Going at it alone might seem like a good idea to save you money, but this is a major task and choosing not to use professionals can be a costly mistake. Experienced and licensed architects, builders and supervisors will have the knowledge and tools to help you plan and build a house that is safe and well crafted. It will also be their responsibility to do this within a set time frame and budget. Do enough research when choosing a home builder, ask for recent references and view some of their current and previous building projects.

3. Building the Wrong House for your Land

It is vital to build a house that suits the pieve of land and neighbourhood as well. Choose a size and house design that is a good and comfortable fit for your land. A good home builder can assist you in planning a layout that both suits your needs and is in keeping wiht the surrounding area. 

Although it is exciting to design and build a new home to suit all your tastes, you should also consider the style and sizes of the hosues around you. A house that compliments the neighbourhood not only keeps your neighbours happy, but often makes for a better resale value in the long run. 

4. Taking Shortcuts

It's sometimes easy to choose basic materials and fittings especially when your budget is a bit tight. Always keep in mind that doing tthis can be very costly in the long run. While it is important not to overspend, careful planning should go into buying good-quality materials that will last over the years. This is especially vital when deciding on fundamentals such as walls, floors, building materials and plumbing fixtures and fittings.

5. Not being involved in the project

You have chosen the right home builder for the job and you are very confident in their ability to build your dream house- now you can sit back and relax. If these are your thoughts remember that you will probably own this house for many years, long after the builders and contractors have left. It is important to stay involved throughout the home building process. Make sure you understand all the contracts and ask for clarification when anything is uncertain. Keep track of the development and all the expsenses. Be available to assist with the problem solving when needed and most importantly, communicate with the builders throughout the process.

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