Rondo underlines the importance of using only Rondo steel products in Rondo wall or ceiling systems.

Substituting other steel products into a Rondo wall or ceiling system can compromise the performance of the system, the safety of others, and the user’s warranty. 

For instance, the Rondo 121 rod (5mm galvanised) is used in Rondo ceiling systems. The use of substitute rods has been known to cause the ceiling to fail. 

Customers should be aware that there are many imported and local varieties of rod, which may look the same, but have slight differences in composition or profile. For example, a slight change in the steel composition can impact the softness of the steel, and the ability for adjustable clips to grip the rod.

Rondo tests all of its systems to perform to exact specifications. To ensure the performance, safety and warranty aspects of Rondo ceiling and wall systems are not compromised, insist on only Rondo products.

Rondo 121 rods can be identified easily with the Onesteel logo marking.