Rondo is providing support and building products for the $1.125 billion renovation and consolidation of 53 outdated buildings at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney.

Working alongside Brighton Australia and Thiess, Rondo is assisting in the design of external facades for the renovation, including framing, cladding and windows.

The Rondo Technical Services team has been providing constant support to the project since 2008, which has allowed them to overcome challenges before work started onsite.

The team spent considerable time developing conceptual designs that allow for the special load requirements of the site, such as live loads and wind loads that may potentially affect facades.

In total, over 160,000l/m of Rondo wall and ceiling products have been supplied to the Royal North Shore Hospital project, including Rondo Top Hats, and the newly released MAXItrack product from the Rondo MAXIframe external wall framing system.

MAXItrack is a slotted deflection head track that offers increased capacity at the head connection, which therefore removes the necessity of installing an additional nogging directly below the head track. The use of this product has provided labour and material cost savings for Brighton Australia and Theiss.

The Royal North Shore Hospital renovations are scheduled for completion in 2014. Once completed, it will provide patients and visitors with:

  • inpatient beds for medical and surgical services
  • additional chemotherapy and renal dialysis chairs
  • outpatient areas
  • a new comprehensive cancer care centre; and
  • 29 procedure and operating rooms.