Rondo announces that its Acoustic Range is being rebranded for easy identification.

Acoustic clips in this range will not only be stamped with the brand name ‘Rondo’ but each resilient mount will also be coloured Rondo red (except WHI isolators, STDC mounts and BetaGrip BG03 clips). 

Two new suspension rod hanger isolators will also be added to the Rondo Acoustic Range – these include the WHIB (blue) and WHIP (pink) models to replace the WHIR, WHIW and WHIY isolators. The new isolators will improve the ceiling acoustical efficiency across a more practical ceiling weight range. However, Rondo will continue to supply the popular WHIG isolators.

Rondo will also be improving storage and transport of their acoustic clips by changing the packaging from bags to boxes. Sub-pack and stock pack quantities will remain the same.

Rondo’s newly branded range will be released in the market soon.