Rondo has launched its new iPhone and iPad apps, developed to helps customers when designing their Rondo wall and ceiling systems.

Free to download from the Apple Store, the Rondo App is a practical tool available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in any location. Clients can now design their own wall or ceiling system without having to do self-perform complication calculations or refer to technical literature.

The Rondo App offers the following helpful features:

  • Works out what Rondo products are needed for a project
  • Calculates maximum loads and spans for a design
  • Identifies the most economical Rondo steel stud wall framing system for a specified layout as well as the next best solution
  • Estimates what quantity of Rondo products will be required
  • Determines the radius required, sweep angle and length of arc for curved designs
  • Sends emails with a copy of the wall or ceiling systems design
  • Locates the nearest place to source Rondo products