The launch of Rondo ’s new Hemmed Stud marks the latest addition to Rondo’s range of innovative products, designed to not only perform better, but also improve safety on the worksite.  

New rollforming technology was used to manufacture the Rondo Hemmed Stud, which has a hemmed return lip to the flange of the stud that increases its stiffness and prevents unwanted rotation. The Rondo Hemmed Stud is also safer, as there are no sharp edges. In addition, the flanges include a vertical rib lining, which ensures an easier and faster fixing, whilst deeper knurling provides superior screw location and retention.  

The new Rondo Hemmed Stud includes flanged service holes spaced 600mm apart, including an extra service hole 150mm in from the top for cabling. The studs also lock into each other.  

Initially, Rondo Hemmed Studs will be available in 64, 76 and 92mm profiles, and will seamlessly take the place of the current un-hemmed product as stocks run out.