Rondo  introduces the BETAGRIP, the second generation clips based on the original BETAFIX design.

BETAGRIP clips improve on the original BETAFIX design with an extended base to include two additional fixing points for the installer, providing customers with the option to use double fixing for installations that are slightly more difficult.

The new BETAGRIP clips are ideal for installations onto uneven surfaces, where a single fixing may not be firm enough. The BETAGRIP clips can be additionally attached to the KEY-LOCK Furring Channel before being secured to the structure if desired.

All existing BETAFIX clips supplied by Rondo will be upgraded to the new BETAGRIP clips. The new BETAGRIP clip range is designed, tested, manufactured and patented in Australia, maintaining its original Australian heritage.

BETAGRIP clips are available in various types to suit different applications.

The replacement for the original BETAFIX clip, the standard BETAGRIP clip provides depth adjustment when using 129 Furring Channel to the back of the board from substrates of 28 – 40mm.

BETAFIX long clips provide depth adjustment when using 129 Furring Channel to the back of the board from substrates of 50 – 70mm.

The ‘acoustic mount with anchor bolt’ clip serves as a replacement for the BETAFIX Acoustic Mount, incorporating a rubber acoustic pad and 6.5mm thru anchor bolt with depth adjustment, increased by the rubber mount of 36 – 48mm.

The ‘acoustic mount without anchor bolt’ clip replaces the BETAFIX without thru anchor bolt for customers who wish to assemble their own fixings.

This clip serves as a replacement for the BETAFIL double membrane insulation clip designed for use with membrane insulation, particularly in tilt-up slab construction to provide the required air space between the insulation elements and the wall lining. The BG05 allows adjustment for plumb of 65 - 87mm between the substrate and back of the lining board when using 129 Furring Channel.