Rondo Building Services  manufactures a range of steel products like Key lock Concealed Ceiling Systems, Duo Exposed Ceiling Grid System, Steel Stud Framing System, Exangle Drywall Finishing Sections, Exangle RT Finishing Sections, Panther Access Panels, Rondo Quiet Stud and Walk About Trafficable Ceiling Systems.

Key Lock Concealed Ceiling Systems from Rondo Building Services allow the mixing of primary rails, furring channels and battens which ultimately allows suspension point spacings. Key Lock Concealed Ceiling System is versatile and offers more options for a building board ceiling finish.

Duo Exposed Ceiling Grid Systems enable other Rondo suspended ceiling systems to be incorporated within the same plane. The Steel Stud Framing System facilitates the design of internal framing systems. The Steel Stud Framing System is durable and versatile. It can be used to construct sound rated or fire rated walls.

Panther Access Panels have been manufactured in order to adjust mechanical equipment, data cabling and for electrical installations. Quiet Stud functions as a sound insulation system.