Designer and manufacturer of building products and services, Rondo is looking to set the pace with a new range of plastic finishing profiles for building board and render applications.

All plastic beds in Rondo’s Extreme plastic finishing profile range are fully UV-stabilised, allowing them to cope with Australia’s harsh environmental conditions, including corrosive salt air and damaging UV sunlight.

Rondo’s plastic finishing profiles are lightweight and easy to use and include profiles to suit almost any application, from simple external or internal angles, to flexible archway trims and bullnose corner beads. Plaster finishing profiles with tear-away edges provide a clean, perfect edge with minimal effort, and the range of shadowline trims achieves distinctive architectural features on both walls and ceilings.

Manufactured in Australia from high grade raw materials, the Rondo Extreme range of plastic finishing profiles is backed by Rondo’s reputation for quality, and a comprehensive 10-year warranty.