Now available from Rondo , the new Express Joint Wall and Ceiling System is designed for interior applications and creates an aesthetically appealing finish to wall and ceiling installations.

Joining Rondo’s existing KEY-LOCK range, the Express Joint Wall and Ceiling System includes the release of Rondo’s new 155 Express Joint Furring Channel, and three complementary clips to provide a 10mm-wide architectural feature on an internal wall or ceiling.

The 155 Furring Channel features a 10mm-wide central strip to act as a practical guide to spacing the sheets. It's overall width provides the appropriate fixing margin for the board, and the Rondo head ensures safer handling and positive secure location in the appropriate clip, without requiring any mechanical fixing.

Specifically designed to accommodate the 155 Furring Channel, the 157 Direct Fix Clip allows for fixing to a masonry wall, the 159 Joiner provides attachment to Rondo’s KEY-LOCK Top Cross Rail, and the 156 Direct Fix Clip offers fixing to steel purlins or timber joists in ceiling applications, as well as to steel girts or timber stud work in walls.

Rondo’s Express Joint Wall and Ceiling Systems are manufactured in Australia from G2 7275 Galvabond steel and comply with all relevant standards.