Rollashield Shutteres  is an established manufacturer of Roller Shutters. They provide a wide range of Roller Shutters, including Slimline, Security Mesh 1 -1, Forceshield, Commercial Forceshield, Rollabrick, Rollamesh, Hispan and Visionline.

Slimline Roller Shutters are made of prepainted milled aluminium strips. These Roller shutters can be used in domestic and commercial sectors. They offer protection form noise, heat, light, cold, storms, bushfire and intruders.

Forceshield Roller Shutters have ventilation holes and offer maximum protection and strength. Commercial Forceshield Roller shutters are made of high grade aluminium. They provide protection from forced entry.

Security Mesh 1 – 1 Roller shutters are a combination of the Rollamesh Roller Shutters and Commercial Forceshield Roller shutters. They are widely used for commercial applications. Rollabrick Roller shutters and Rollamesh roller shutters are also used for commercial installations.