Slimline security shutters from Rollashield Shutters are easy to operate and provide protection in all domestic and some commercial installations.

Manufactured from prepainted milled aluminium strip which is then roll formed and polyurethane foam injected to give strength and insulation, this aluminium profile protects against heat, noise, light, bushfires, cold, storms and intruders. 

Rollashield slimline security shutters are designed and manufactured in Australia using marine-grade, heavy duty aluminium for maximum durability in the harsh Australian conditions.

Offering up to a 90% reduction in heat through windows, Rollashield slimline security shutters allow the home occupant to control how much heat and glare comes through the windows, while saving money on air-conditioning.
Similarly, Rollashield slimline security shutters reduce noise through the windows from traffic, aeroplanes, neighbours, dogs, and lawnmowers by up to 50%.

Heat loss through windows is also reduced by up to 70% with the Rollashield slimline aluminium shutters.

Furthermore, privacy is increased with Rollashield slimline aluminium shutters.

All controls and locks on the Rollashield slimline security shutters are operated from the inside, and unlike bars, they are easy to open for a safe exit in case of fire. Automatic top locking is incorporated in every shutter with optional keylock available.