Rollashield Shutters   is an Australian company involved in the manufacture of shutters and rollergrilles since 1975. It has expert knowledge in front line security. Rollashield Shutters manufactures more than 40 products. The products are entirely manufactured from Australian raw materials. Rollashield Shuttersoffers design solutions based on the type of application.

The product range of Rollashield Shutters includes high security roller shutters, window roller shutters, security shutters, window shutters, shopfront shutters, shopfront roller shutters, security roller grilles, shopfront roller grilles, shopfront grilles and window rollergrilles. The products are aluminium powdercoated and are maintenance free.

Rollashield Shutters also manufactures 90 mm plantation shutters, louvre shutters, batten screens, privacy screens, sun screens and sun shades. These products can be readily installed in sliding, bifold, fixed, hinged, stacking and stand off doors.

The shutters and rollergrilles from Rollashield Shutters provide innovative security solutions to windows, doors, counter tops, balconies, and shop fronts. They also offer protection from cold, heat, glare, light, noise, fire, burglars, intruders, storms and cyclones. The roller shutters, plantation shutters, rollergrilles and other security products from the company are used for a wide range of applications in different sectors.