Rollashield Shutters   have provided security window roller shutters for the new Zimzala restaurant on the beachfront at Cronulla. Zimzala’s location at South Cronulla Beach required roller shutters that are both durable and functional to withstand the special waterfront conditions.

Rollashield Shutters installed two types of roller shutters at Zimzala restaurant. The countertop window roller shutters are heavy duty, white powdercoated commercial Forceshield roller shutters that provide a strong, security barrier from intruders. These shutters blend into the fashionable white and green decor while protecting the valuable contents inside the kitchen when closed.

The outer wall roller shutters are see through polycarbonate Visionline roller shutters that offer view for the Zimzala night diners while keeping them warm and protected from exterior elements.

The roller shutters are rolled up and concealed in the timber ceiling during the day so that the pleasant surroundings become one with Zimzala’s terrace. Both types of roller shutters are electrically operated to make it user friendly for the busy Zimzala staff.

Rollashield Shutters manufacture many types of roller shutters and plantation louvre shutters.