Rocks On – Hard Surface Solutions offers their finest range of Venetian terrazzo with the Veneziantica tiles and decors.

The Veneziantica terrazzo provides interior designers the opportunity to create stunning designs without the need to import a team of Italian artisans. The 600x600mm range of Veneziantica tiles and decors allows designers to create their own Italian interior designs.

The Cancian family have been masters of Terrazzo flooring solutions since 1840. Their knowledge and skills have been passed through to present day. While their expert techniques remains unchanged, their products continue to be new and innovative and always meeting demands of International expectations and requirements.

Veneziantica Terrazzo utilises the highest quality marbles and raw ingredients to create aesthetically pleasing terrazzos to suit commercial and residential applications including hotels, restaurants, showrooms, galleries, boutiques and living and entertainment areas.

The Veneziantica Terrazzo range of tiles and decors are available in 3 surface finishes – raw, semi-polished and polished.

For more information on the Italian terrazzo tiles and decors, contact Rocks On – Hard Surface Solutions or visit their website.