Available from Rocks On - Hard Surface Solutions , Venetian Terrazzo flooring is quick to lay and is supplied in 600 x 600mm size.

The Cancian family have been masters of Terrazzo flooring since 1840, and this noble tradition of craftsmanship has been passed on down from father to son.

While the expert techniques remain unchanged, the scale of the company has grown to meet the demands of International expectations and requirements – including new and innovative solutions that unite tradition with modern laying techniques.

The Venezi Antica Terrazzo series of flooring tiles offers numerous combinations of design, combined with high quality marbles and raw ingredients to deliver the beauty and tradition of Italian terrazzo.

Available in three surface finishes - Raw, Semi-polished and Polished - these beautifully handcrafted Terrazzo floor tiles are suitable for use in internal commercial applications and residential applications, including:

  • Commercial high traffic areas
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Showrooms
  • Galleries
  • Boutiques
  • Living and entertaining areas
Venezi Antica Terrazzo flooring specifications include:
  • Appearance: Both classical and modern designs in Terrazzo
  • Finishes: Raw (Natural – to be honed and polished in-situe), Semi Polished
  • (Semi Polished and calibrated finish) and Polished (Polished and calibrated finish)
  • Tile Thickness: Raw – 19.5mm and Semi Polished and Polished – 19.0mm
  • Type: Marble chips encased in coloured cement
  • Production: Traditional handcrafted using highest quality Italian materials
Venezi Antica Terrazzo flooring technical specifications include:

  • Absorption less than 0.47%
  • Breaking Strength 100-150 MPa (Mega Pascal) EN 500Kg/cm2Water
  • Fire Retardant – Rating “Class 0”
  • NO resin content
  • Polished - (DIN 51130) R9
  • Semi Polished - (DIN 51130) R10