Venetian Terrazzo flooring can be quickly laid anywhere in the world without the need to import a team of Italian artisans – when using 600mm x 600mm Venezi Antica terrazzo tiles and decors.

There are numerous combinations of design within the Venezi Antica Terrazzo floor tile series, with high quality marbles and raw ingredients combined to deliver the beauty and tradition of handmade Italian terrazzo.

The new Art Floor Series combines the use of materials such as marble, Murano glass, hard stones and wood, with the variety of colours and ornamental patterns, meaning the tiles can be customised in almost any way.

Handcrafted Terrazzo flooring is suitable for use in all internal commercial and residential applications, including high traffic areas, hotels, restaurants, showrooms, galleries, boutiques, living and entertaining areas.

Venezi Antica Terrazzo flooring is available in three surface finishes; Raw, Semi-polished and Polished.

Venezi Antica Terrazzo flooring is available from Rocks On - Hard Surface Solutions .