The Urban Life porcelain pavers collection from Rocks On - Hard Surface Solutions is inspired by nature. The textured porcelain tiles are imported from Italy in 4 different colour schemes, 3 surface finishes and 4 modular sizes.

Created by forging and extruding hardening ceramic matter with slow cooking temperatures up to 1,250 degrees Celsius, this resistant material can be used as both tile and paver.

To be commercially viable, these porcelain pavers and tiles need to withstand impact from cars, trolleys, pedestrians and weather, and provide a maintenance free surface with the right aesthetic.

Urban Life textured porcelain tiles feature a range of hardwearing qualities such as low water absorption, frost resistance, UV ray resistance, chemical resistance and a high surface hardness. This makes them well-suited to use in most commercial and residential applications.

Urban Life porcelain pavers are available in a raw, bush-hammered or raw, ribbed finish for outdoor use, or a honed ribbed finish that can be used indoors and outdoors.

These porcelain stone pavers are suitable for many areas such as shopping centres and foyers, swimming pool surrounds, courtyards and driveways, and living areas.