Rock Style porcelain panels available from Rocks On - Hard Surface Solutions are designed to reproduce the look of natural stone wall cladding.    

Suitable for internal or external wall decoration, Rock Style incorporates high quality technical characteristics that make the porcelain panels suitable for diverse applications including locations where natural stone is unsuitable.  

Rock Style porcelain wall panelling maintains its appearance over time and is easy to lay as well as clean. 

Ideal for commercial as well as residential applications, Rock Style porcelain panels are suitable for public spaces, foyers, food courts, shopping centres, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, courtyards and all cladding requirements.   

Key features of Rock Style porcelain panels: 

  • UV and frost-resistant product 
  • Easy installation and cleaning with no maintenance requirement or sealing 
  • Interlocking panels minimise visible joins  
  • Two special corner pieces available to create a seamless look 
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications