Pietra Nero from Rocks On – Hard Surface Solutions incorporates the subtleties and highlights of nero granite into a large format porcelain tile that includes several finished surfaces.

This material is popular with architects and designers as it has a real 'wow factor' and can be used to create unique and elegant design proposals.

Although this flooring solution is suitable for a wide range of applications, Pietra Nero is ideally suited for high class commercial finishes .

Application ideas include commercial and residential indoors solutions:
  • Foyers
  • Boutiques
  • Galleries
  • Living spaces
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms floors and walls with step treads
  • Laminations ;and
  • Edge detail finishes.

Rocks On – Hard Surface Solutions are suppliers of high quality residential and commercial European tiles, hard wearing porcelain landscape and public area paving and ventilated façade systems. The company also distribute the finest porcelain stoneware tiles and specialty porcelain and glass mosaics from Italy and Spain, including Cotto d'este & Roca Tiles.

These include unique architectural and designer technology products like Kerlite & Kerlite plus urban life pavers, Frammenti glass mosaics and traditional Italian Terrazzo tiles.

Rocks On also offer step tread and pool coping processing, and made to order mosaics – created from there porcelain stoneware tiles.