Rocks On - Hard Surface Solutions  offers Liston Gres porcelain tiles that provide the warm and natural shades of wood, re-inventing the outdoors and wet area environments.

This innovative Marine Modular System features a new ‘Crossjet’ technology allows for precision on the whole structure of the tile, from groove to the edge. Thanks to the excellent technical qualities of this material and the versatile Module proposal, Marine is ideal for commercial applications with wet zones, and will remain unchanged in time.

The Module proposal consists of 4 marine porcelain tiles that are pre-glued to a hardened plastic substrate. There are gaps for water drainage and an interlocking system that allows for simple installation.

The porcelain tile module system is ideal for renovating by simply laying and interlocking the pre-formed substrates together over any existing solid surface area.

Liston Gres porcelain tiles are suitable for many wet zones including commercial and residential wet areas, swimming pool surrounds, showers, changing rooms, and kitchens.