Rocks On - Hard Surface Solutions  offer Italian wall panelling inserts, Kerlite Trilogy that is available in Amande (limestone beige), Noisette (almond husk), Cendre (grey mottle rock) and Caramel (light caramel) colours. The wall panelling inserts are available with the size of 400mm x 1000mm and with a thickness of 3mm.

The wall panelling inserts have a smooth surface finish (in and outdoor walls). The inserts are full-bodied vitrified porcelain with rectified edges. The wall panelling inserts have a soft natural stone shade with a smooth surface. The inserts are produced as a pure phosphate and clay with zirconium and colouring.

Following are the features of Kerlite Trilogy Italian wall panelling inserts:

  • Water absorption less than 0.07%
  • Frost resistant (No visible fault)
  • Scratch resistant
  • Surface hardness – MOHS 8 (of 10)
  • Stain resistant (Class 5)
  • Grade (PEI) 5 – All residential, all commercial
  • Fire retardant – Rating ’Class 0’
  • Graffiti proof
  • Slip resistance: R10 (DIN 51130)

Kerlite Trilogy has been designed to add subtle and elegant features to the existing Kerlite series of wall panelling. These modular inserts come in Line, Flower and Garden designs and can blend together as a complete feature. The Kerlite Trilogy porcelain sheets are produced by using unique pressing, decorative and firing methods.

Kerlite Trilogy Italian wall panelling inserts can be used in a number of applications such as commercial and residential in and outdoors, including public facility areas, buildings, foyers, boutiques, galleries, living areas, kitchens and bathrooms, for all wall applications, splash backs, lift cars and boats (inclusive of wall cladding).