Rocks On - Hard Surface Solutions is pleased to welcome two new series to the Kerlite porcelain laminate range; Geoquartz and Black & White.

Kerlite Plus Geoquartz recalls the beauty of sandstone and its rich content of quartz. These porcelain panels are decorated using the latest in inkjet technology to offer slabs that are uniquely different and feature incomparable effects. 

Geoquartz has a sand-blasted, matt surface and is produced in large sizes ideal for various applications, including ventilated facades. These porcelain tiles also have an R11 slip rating.   Kerlite Plus Black & White adds two strong and defining colours to the Kerlite porcelain laminate series in a semi glazed smooth surfaced feel.

Using Kerlite Plus porcelain panels, architects and decorators can create design proposals as they desire with indoor commercial flooring and residential flooring applications such as foyers, galleries, living areas, bathroom flooring and kitchen flooring.

The new Kerlite porcelain are also suitable for use as wall panels such as splashbacks for kitchens, showers, bathroom renovations, lift cars, external walls (inclusive of wall cladding), ventilated facades and marine fit outs.