According to Rocks On - Hard Surface Solutions , by using its Kerlite and Kerlite Plus porcelain panels to clad bathroom and kitchen surfaces, refurbishment time can be reduced by up to 75%.

Rocks On says that its ceramic tiles are very flexible and workable when compared to standard ceramic products.

The Kerlite (3mm) and Kerlite Plus (3.5mm) porcelain panels can simply be used to clad over the top of existing surfaces, without the need remove existing tiles, or waterproof the area.

Kerlite porcelain panels are suitable for applications in both commercial and residential properties and are suitable for applications both inside and outdoors. The porcelain panels are ideal for kitchen and bathroom floors and walls, as well as splashbacks, benchtops, and many more.

The use of Kerlite porcelain panels is particularly suited for hygienic and sanitary rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens thanks to the reduced amount of grout required for application. 

Features of the Kerlite and Kerlite Plus ceramic tiles that help to make them so versatile as well as time and cost efficient include:

  • simple to fit;
  • existing tiles do not need to be removed;
  • no need to repair substrates;
  • no need for re-waterproofing of wet areas in preparation for tiling;
  • UV, fire and frost resistant;
  • weighs less than aluminium;
  • hygienic and clean:
  • Simple to remove dirt and grime using hot water;
  • durable and easy to maintain;
  • resistant to chemicals and staining;
  • does not absorb liquids or odours; and
  • 20 year residential and commercial guarantee.