The Buxy ‘Perle’ colour is now available in Kerlite Plus – a 3.5mm thick porcelain material with fibre glass backing, from Rocks On - Hard Surface Solutions . Kerlite Plus can easily be installed directly over existing flooring in wood, ceramic or any other compact type of surface.

Architects and Decorators can create whatever design proposals they desire from these unique vitrified porcelain slabs with application ideas including indoor commercial flooring and indoor residential flooring, including foyers, galleries, living areas and all wall applications like splashbacks for kitchens and bathrooms, lift cars and external walls (inclusive of wall cladding).

The ‘Perle’ colour in Kerlite Plus vitrified porcelain panels recreates the look of concrete surfaces and is a true innovation in the building industry – available in sizes up to 1000 x 3000 x 3.5mm.

Product specifications of Kerlite Plus full bodied vitrified porcelain tiles include: 

  • Appearance: Soft and dramatic natural stone and timber shades with smooth surface feel 
  • Colours: 20 contemporary and natural stone and timber colours 
  • Finishes: Smooth surface finish (indoor floors and walls, outdoor walls) 
  • Sizes: Can be cut to any size and shape from 1000x3000x3mm sheets 
  • Thickness: 3.5mm 
  • Type: Full-bodied vitrified porcelain panels with rectified edges 
  • Production: Pure phosphate and clay with zirconium, fibre glass backed

Technical details of Kerlite Plus full bodied vitrified porcelain panels: 

  • Frost proof 
  • Fire retardant – Rating “Class 0” 
  • Graffiti proof 
  • Grade (PEI) 5 – all residential, all commercial 
  • Guarantee: 20 Years – for residential and commercial applications 
  • Scratch resistant 
  • Surface hardness – MOHS 7 (of 10) 
  • Stain resistant (Class 5) 
  • Slip Resistance: R9 (DIN 51130) 
  • Water Absorption less than 0.01%