Rockmark recommends a few tips to seal sandstone pavers, which is essential to preserve their natural qualities.

It is important to seal sandstone pavers to improve the durability and sustain the beauty of the paver. Being a sedimentary rock, sandstone is extremely porous, allowing moisture to be absorbed. However, moisture absorption can destroy the material from within, and also allow germs and other forms of bacteria to seep into the pores and create vey unhygienic conditions. 

Sandstone pavers and sandstone cladding installed in gardens and on buildings should be sealed well with a reliable and strong sandstone sealer.

There are different types of sealers available in the market especially for sandstone tiles. Water based impregnating sealers are mostly recommended for immediate and successful results, and work by penetrating into the stone’s small openings, infusing them with molecules, which have the capacity to bond with the capillary pores. Water or oil is then automatically repelled from the stone. 

Topical and penetrating sealers can also be used though they are not as effective as impregnating sealers. Topical sealers wear out easily while penetrating sealers act like a grout sealer that can penetrate far enough to protect against certain kinds of damage.