Sandstone engraving is a popular trend in the building and construction industry. A perfect combination of artistry and construction material, sandstone engraving reveals the design possibilities of the material. 

Sandstone is a highly durable building material, due to the various rock and mineral grains that have slowly infused over millions of years. Homeowners will love the beauty and elegance that sandstone engraving brings to their floors and walls. 

Sandstone is a natural stone that can be used throughout the home to add a beautiful natural element to wall cladding and flooring indoors as well as outdoors. Sandstone is also highly recommended for use around a pool or patio as its porous surface makes it non-slip. 

Sandstone cladding and sandstone flooring however, require special care requirements to keep them looking their best. Sandstone takes on colour and character as it ages, darkening slightly over the years, more so in damp or shady conditions. 

Rockmark offers a wide range of sandstone pavers and sandstone tiles for use in paving, flooring and cladding applications.