It is important to execute a paving project correctly and creatively to maximise function and aesthetics. Using single colour or single pattern pavers will result in a dull and boring finish. Paving offers a great opportunity for creativity with colours and patterns to achieve a striking appearance and reveal the true beauty of natural stone.

Some natural stone pavers may not provide multiple colour options; however, this limitation can be addressed by using more than one material to display different colours. 

When laying pavers in the garden, one can create attractive patterns by mixing different colours, textures and materials. Using a combination of gravel and cobblestones, cut stone with brick, or mulch with timber for instance, can give impressive results. 

Before beginning the paving project, one should plan the colour and texture, and then seek the corresponding material to fit into the design. The artistic effect can be enhanced by maximising the use of paving patterns. Most pavers come in regular shapes; however one could break them into irregular shapes to create a stand-out patio or pathway. Place a circular flowerbed in the centre or a curved pattern around the edge to make it more interesting. 

Pavers with a similar appearance can also be used to create impressive patterns by laying them differently. If the budget allows, hire a professional garden designer for stunning paving patterns. 

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